LCAN, the Law Careers Advice Network, primar aims was to promote and enhance understanding in the student population in schools, further and higher education institutions about the opportunities available to those who wish to pursue a career in law.

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LCAN The Law Careers Advice Network

Welcome to LCAN - The Law Careers Advice NetworkThe Law Careers Advice Network



The Law Careers Advice Network (LCAN) was a partnership of all those involved in providing careers advice to law students and individuals considering a career in law.


The partnership involved: The Law Society of England and Wales; The Bar Council; The Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX); Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS); Law teachers in university law schools; Law Society regional offices; Trainee Solicitors Group (TSG); Representatives from the four Inns of Court.

They invest a significant amount of time and effort in staff development with a goal of producing highly rewarded professionals.


The website provided factual information about qualifying as a solicitor, barrister or legal executive and provides links to other essential sources of information.



The Law Careers Advice Network was extremely successful in promoting and enhancing understanding in the student population in schools, further and higher education institutions about the opportunities available to those who wished to pursue a career in law.


Established Recruitment Professionals join us from either competing organisations or in many cases other sectors of the recruitment industry. Many join us wanting to establish themselves with a major player in the lucrative IT sector in an organisation where their efforts are well rewarded and their personal aspirations can be met.



All information contained in this website is copywrited to the Law Society. It has been recreated in this website as a tribute to the time and effort put into the LCAN for law students and the future generations of solicitors and barristers.


The Law Careers Advice Network includes links to information on finding a training contract or pupillage, including training contracts for non-law graduates. Further information can be found at the Law Society website.


Getting the correct advice will help you to place your property on the market quickly and your Conveyancer will have all of your information to hand when you finally sell your property.  The HIP can then be taken to the Estate Agent of your choice.


Driving without due care and attention - understanding what constitutes the offence and how you might seek to argue against it particularly important if the police are prosecuting you as a result of a road traffic accident. Your personal injury claim could be dependent on the outcome.


Speeding - It is seldom you can do much about the evidence that is usually brought by the police to prove this offence, but there are sometimes ways in which you can seek to minimise the effect of the crime. If the Magistrates are provided with a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding the offence, then they may be persuaded to take a more lenient view of the appropriate punishment.

No insurance - carries a hefty penalty - but insurers can sometimes be lax in sending out papers - how can you prove that you really had insurance at the time you were stopped?

Disqualification due to totting up - If you can demonstrate to the Magistrates why you need to keep your licence, they will always be prepared to listen and give consideration. Knowing which particular buttons to press also helps!

Over the prescribed limit - A most serious offence which the Magistrates don't like at all. But it is not always clear as to whether the police correctly followed their procedures.


As a matter of policy and preference, we develop a close and continuing working relationship with our clients, with whom we deal on a personal basis. Normally, one partner will have specific responsibility for managing a client's affairs and for maintaining close contact between the client and other members of the firm.